Tieftemperaturtest Gasindustrie

ADAMS valves for LNG application

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) can be transported more easy and safe over long distances and from remote locations than natural gas. Although the transportation of LNG is less dangerous than the transportation of other liquid fuels, there is still a risk which can be minimised by reliable and safe valves. They have to endure extremely low temperatures over a long period and have to be completely tight.

Reliability even at extremely low temperatures

The ADAMS valve MAK, which has been especially developed during the last 20 years for extremely low temperatures, is suitable for LNG applications. In our cryogenic test facility, we test the reliable operation of the valves at temperatures of -196°C. We are able to test valves up to DN2000 in our test facility. Next to the cryogenic tests, the tightness of the valves is confirmed with the help of tests in accordance with international standards and specifications. During the last 20 years, the ADAMS valves were mounted and operate successfully in gas liquefaction plants, LNG terminals and storage tanks.

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Tight shut-off valve MAK for LNG

We have successfully developed and manufactured the MAK tight shut-off valve for use at low temperatures since the 80s. To react quickly to individual wishes and new standards, we continually develop our valves to meet specialised requirements and test these developments in our in-house testing facilities for low-temperature applications.

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