Making natural power safe to use

Since time immemorial, mankind has harnessed the power of water. Today, we have the ability to generate vast amounts of energy with this power. ADAMS SCHWEIZ AG, our competence centre for hydropower, offers a range of check and shut-off valves specially designed for this purpose. Our valves operate reliably in hydropower plants for decades.

hydropower plants

Hydropower has two main advantages: First, it is continually available for generating energy and second, it can be stored, for example in reservoirs or artificial lakes. However, the exploitation of this potential depends on the availability of a reliable hydroelectric power plant. From the point of view of valve engineering, this not only includes suitable turbine and pipe-rupture protection valves, but also, for example, environmentally oriented outlet valves, which also enrich the water with oxygen at the same time. Whether new construction or retrofitting: depending on the type of power plant, we develop individually designed complete solutions (e.g. inlet pipe, valve, pipe spool, outlet pipe, bypass) that optimally suit our customers’ requirements.

ADAMS components used in hydropower plants:

  • Pipe-rupture safety valves
  • Turbine protection valves
  • Outlet valves
  • Needle valves and plunger valves for bypasses
  • Spherical valves
  • Hollow-jet valves
  • Aerating and venting valves
  • Overspeed detectors


ADAMS Product range
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Tight shut-off, throttle and control valves

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Combined tight shut-off, throttle and check valves

Special valves for Hydropower

Stop-/throttle valve, Spherical valve, Hollow-jet valve
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