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Precise flow control

Our proven DSK and ASK throttle valves are based
on a technically mature, economical steel construction.
Thanks to their precise flow control and
low actuation torques, these valves are ideally
suited for both gaseous and liquid media.

The throttle valves are fitted with electric, pneumatic
or hydraulic controls, depending on requirements.
Their welded construction makes the valves flexible
and they can be ideally adapted to suit customers’
requirements with regard to flow as well as additional
parameters. The convincing control behaviour of the
valve is determined by the given proportionality of
the regulation. In addition, the valves are hydrodynamically
optimised in design and therefore cause only
minimal pressure losses.

The DSK is a throttle valve with a swing through disc,
which is mainly used in steam turbines.
The ASK is fitted with an step seated valve disc and
is mainly used for gas turbines.
Both types are equipped with position controllers
when used in control circuits. Selsyn transmitters and
end switches are built in for remote transmission.

• Heating jacket
• Temperature-resistant body lining
• Vulcanised hard rubber lining
• Live-loaded packing
• Low-emission stem sealing (TA Luft*)
• Emergency hand wheel
• Wafer design
• Butt-welded version

• Precise flow control
• Low actuation torques
• Simple to maintain, even on site
• Low-cost steel welded construction

DN 100 / 4 inches up to DN 4000 / 160 inches

Temperature range
–50 °C / –58 °F to 950 °C / 1,742 °F
Pressure Class
PN 6/10/16/25/40/64/100
ANSI 150/300/600

Construction lengths in accordance with
ISO 5752 BS 13 (F16)
ISO 5752 BS 14 (F4)
ASME B 16.10, API 609
Custom-made construction lengths on request

Valves designed in accordance with international
standards, e. g.
AD technical instructions, ANSI, API, ASME, ATEX,

Electric, pneumatic, hydraulic

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