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Mature technology for a broad range of applications

Our MAK valves are universally utilisable products with triple-eccentric valve technology, suitable for extreme operating conditions and a high number
of actuations. This type of valve has been successfully used since the 70s and is the further developed version of the original Adams patent.

Our MAK valves are so outstanding due to their high degree of reliability. This type of valve has proven its worth in a wide range of applications over decades. This not only means that we have been using the MAK with great success worldwide for almost 40 years, it also means that quite a number of customers are using valves we supplied decades ago, which are still in good working order in their plants. That is reliability.

One-hundred-per-cent tightness

We have remained true to the basic principle of the triple-eccentric design, which enables the valve to close one-hundred-per-cent tight. Despite this, we
have continued enhancing details of this design over the years. For example, the MAK is equipped with a seal in the valve body. This protects the seal from the flowing medium, making maintenance intervals longer and increasing its service life. The special design of the seal enables the valve to be opened and
closed without friction, even when working under great differences in temperature and full nominal pressure.

The MAK is available either as a cast or a welded design with flange or butt-welded ends. The welded designs can be implemented in all commonly used materials.

We also supply the MAK as a version with homogeneous double disc, between which it is possible, for example to achieve pressurisation.

Depending on customers requirements, we adapt the valves to suit special needs and also equip them with additional options. That is how a custom-made valve comes into being. That is one of our strengths.

• Tightness on both sides
• Low-friction function
• High resilience to temperatures
• Fireproof design
• Low actuation torques
• Excellent control characteristics

• Minimal pressure losses
• Compact, robust design
• Simple to maintain, even on site /
replaceable interior parts
•Optional installation length
• Protection against emission
• “TA Luft” specification

DN 80 / 3 inches to DN 2400 / 96 inches
Further nominal widths on request

Temperature range
–196 °C / –320 °F to 600 °C / 1112 °F

Pressure Class
PN 10/16/25/40/64/100
ANSI 150/300/600/900/1500

Construction lengths in accordance with
ISO 5752 BS 13 (F16)
ISO 5752 BS 14 (F4)
ASME B 16.10, API 609

Valves designed in accordance with
international standards, e. g.
AD technical instructions, ANSI, API, ASME, ATEX,BS, DGRL, DIN EN / ISO, GOST, KTA, MSS, NACE, RCC-M

Manual, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic

The MAK can be used for a broad range of temperatures and pressures. The MAK has proven to be highly efficient under conditions such as:

• Steam
• High temperature
• Low temperature
• High medium flow speeds
• High pressures
• Aggressive media
• Abrasive media



Depending on the type of application, various types
of packing ensure optimum tightness for the requirements
of the shaft system. For our customers we
implement emission-proof packing with “TA Luft”

MAK - Weichdichtung

Sealing Systems

The sealing system integrated in the contour of the
body was developed by Adams and is available with a
metal-graphite laminated seal, a solid metallic seal,
an L2 metal seal or a rubber seal. The advantages of
these sealing systems are extremely reliable tightness,
even in critical areas of application.

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Low-temperature applications

We have been successfully manufacturing valves
for use at low temperatures since the 80s. The combination
of selected materials, innovative engineering
and high-quality manufacturing result in functional
reliability even at a temperature of –196 °C and high
pressure demands. With the help of our in-house
testing facilities for low-temperature applications we
continually develop our products to meet specialised
customer requirements. This strategy enables us to
react quickly and reliably to the individual wishes of
our customers.
We use the following materials for low-temperature
applications: CF8M, CF3M, CF8, CF3.

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We offer a blocking system as an additional safety
feature for maintenance work. This guarantees the
safe closing of the valve even in the highly unlikely
event of a shaft breaking. This is demanded in many
cases by safety authorities.

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