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Long service life

The compact design of the RZN check valve even makes it possible to operate in very limited spaces.
The valve is robust and long lasting and can also be fitted with soft seals in a metallic seat or strip-metal seals for use at higher temperatures. Based on the same proven design, the RZI was developed for pipe dimensions over 1,000 millimetres. The damping system has been adapted to suit the greater forces.

Complete pump protection

Controlled, shock-free closing

Low pressure loss

Progressive sealing

Individually adjustable damping system

Automatic mode of action

Additional screw retention

Subsequent installation of counterweight possible

DN 500 / 20 inches up to DN 3000 / 120 inches

Temperature range
–50 °C / –58 °F up to 200 °C / 392 °F

Pressure Class
PN 2.5/6/10/16/25/40
ANSI 150/300

Construction lengths in accordance with
ISO 5752 BS 14 (F4)
Custom-made construction lengths on request

Valves designed in accordance with international standards, e. g.
AD technical instructions, ANSI, API, ASME, ATEX, BS, DGRL, DIN EN / ISO, GOST, KTA, MSS, RCC-M

Automatically closing and adjustable hydraulically

The RZN and RZI check valves are ideally suited for protecting pumps for liquid media. The high flexibility of material and seal models enables the valves to be used in a wide variety of applications.

For example, a seawater model is available in stainless steel and with a hard rubber lining.

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