The immense power of water is harnessed by mankind since time immemorial. This is why the ADAMS Schweiz AG specialises in the development of especially designed valves for hydropower, to generate vast amounts of energy with it. They offer a broad range of high-quality check and shut-off valves which they specifically design for this kind of application. The valves they design exactly suit the conditions in our customers plants.

Using natural power safely

There are two main advantages with hydropower: Firstly, it is steadily available and secondly, it can be easily stored in reservoirs, artificial lakes and other storage possibilities. To use this power in the most effective way, an effective plant with reliable equipment is needed. This includes both suitable turbine and pipe-rupture protection valves as well as environmentally oriented outlet valves, to steadily enrich the water with oxygen. ADAMS Schweiz designs complete solutions for both new construction or retrofitted hydropower plants. In conclusion, these solutions suit our customers requirement in the most suitable way.


ADAMS components used in hydropower plants:

  • Pipe-rupture safety valves
  • Turbine protection valves
  • Outlet valves
  • Needle valves and plunger valves for bypasses
  • Spherical valves
  • Hollow-jet valves
  • Aerating and venting valves
  • Overspeed detectors


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