Check valve RZN

Complete pump protection in sophisticated areas

The check valve RZN has an excellent record of reliability in critical applications where other valves have failed.

The duo-eccentrically mounted disc is hydrodynamically designed for low pressure loss and freedom from jamming at the seat. The special damping system of the check valve RZN ensures tight and progressive shut-off against reverse flow and offers long service life.


  • Complete pump protection
  • Low flow loss
  • Progressive sealing system
  • Axial pressure balanced shaft seals for low friction
  • Auto-closing
  • Damper adjustment locking
  • Additional screw safety device
  • Prepared for retro-fitting of counterweights if flow conditions change


  • Damping system for opening
  • Flow control valves
  • Disc locking device, mansafe design
  • Additional counterweight
  • Vulcanized hard rubber coating
  • Butt weld ends

Features of the check valve RZN

  • Non-return valve with controlled, non-slam closure
  • Resilient seal or laminated metal-to-metal seal
  • Triple offset design with inclined conical sealing system
  • Adjustable hydraulic damping system, located externally and separated from the media


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