FCC valves

FCC valves need to be especially designed according to the conditions in the plant. Well equipped flue gas trains have a power recovery system where the flue gas is fed into a turbo expander to recover most of the energy contained in the exhaust gas. The turbo expander is then used to drive a motorgenerator.

However, the arrangement of the turbo-machinery equipment can also include an air compressor and a steam turbine for startup. The flue gas leaving the turbo expander has lost nearly all of its pressure. Its temperature is reduced by about 150°C to 200°C (270°F to 360°F) as compared to the inlet gas temperature of around 650°C to 800°C (1200°F to 1470°F).

ADAMS has designed several valves for the use in Fluid Catalytic Cracking. These FCC valves stand out due to their high temperature resistency, their outstanding reliability and their absolute tightness even at extreme conditions. We offer both tight shut-off, throttle and control valves like the HTK and the DSK/ASK and check valves type GMZ and MAG. 





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