Safety when flows reverse

The hallmark of the check valve MAG is an external balancing weight that optimally counterbalances the valve disc. Its advantage is that the valve is very responsive and the disc reliably reaches its final closing position. Due to the positioning of the balancing weight in its own pressure-resistant body without gland shaft seals, the valve exhibits low internal friction, which benefits the optimal closing and opening characteristics.

As automatically closing check valve, the MAG is used in exhaust steam pipes in steam turbines as well as in pressure lines of compressors in air and gas systems.

Our valves can be fitted with either a hydraulic or pneumatic auxiliary drive with spring loading as additional closing support. An overrunning clutch of the check valve MAG enables the free movement, which is not influenced by drive and gland shaft friction.


  • Excellent tight shut-off behaviour
  • Minimal pressure losses
  • Additional screw retention
  • Robust design
  • Minimal maintenance cost


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