Safety when flows reverse

Our check valve GMZ protects important continuous flow machines from the dangers of backflows. An extremely low degree of internal friction and a finely responsive adjustable counterweight enable the valve to react sensitively. The GMZ is additionally equipped with a pneumatic, spring-controlled drive, enabling controlled and rapid closing behaviour. It is also fitted with a hydraulic damping system to avoid any tendencies the valve disc has to vibrate during flow changes.

As automatically closing check valve, the GMZ is used in exhaust steam pipes in steam turbines as well as in pressure lines of compressors in air and gas systems. The valves can be fitted with either a hydraulic or pneumatic auxiliary drive with spring loading as additional closing support. 


  • Positive closing behaviour via spring-loaded pneumatic operation
  • Adjustable hydraulic damping facility
  • Avoidance of tendencies of the valve disc to vibrate during operation
  • Adjustability of slight pressure losses via the closure weight
  • Additional screw retention
  • High availability and long service life


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