Enhanced safety for Dams and Hydropower
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Our company, the ADAMS Schweiz AG, has produced high-quality valves for hydropower stations at its 8,000-square-metre premises since 1972. Due to its topography and the high average precipitation, Switzerland has a long tradition in the use of hydropower. Today Switzerland generates around 56% of its energy from hydropower. Switzerland’s hydropower network consists of more than 540 hydroelectric power stations.

Hydropower safely under control

Together with our main suppliers, we have developed a new brochure about our company and our products for hydropower.  We especially design and produce valves and shut-off devices to ideally meet the needs and requirements of our customers in our factory in Serneus. These well-proven designs are based on our long experience in this application.

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Our valves for hydropower

The products of the product programme at ADAMS are especially designed for hydropower plant. We are able to deliver valves as shut-off equipment, penstock- and turbine protection as well as for environment friendly water discharge. Our company ADAMS Schweiz AG has produced valves for this application since 1972.