Comprehensive safety for hydropower plants

The products of the hydropower programme at ADAMS cover all needs for hydropower plant shut-off equipment and valves. From penstock- and turbine protection to environment friendly water discharge – our products deliver the highest level of safety and absolute reliability, guaranteeing a tight seal even in extremely challenging applications.

Our products

Shut-off and butterfly valves

ADAMS has developed a shut-off and butterfly valve for hydropower offering increased safety and reliability in critical processes.

Spherical valves

The spherical valves from ADAMS are the ideal solution as safety and shut-off equipment for turbines and pumps.

Hollow-jet valves

The ADAMS hollow-jet valves have proven their high quality since decades when it comes to environment friendly discharge of water.

Pressure relief valves

The pressure relief valves were designed by ADAMS to hinder mechanical overrev and excessive pressure increase.


None of our customers have equal requirements for their hydropower plants, which is why we are able to deliver a broad range of accessoires for our valves.

Control and Instrumentation

To offer the best solution for our customers, we design, build and install hydraulics and control systems to operate the systems.