Experience on site and in the workshop

Decades of working with hydropower plants has turned Adams into a specialist in this field. Our project managers, engineers and technicians know the particularities of the widest variety of valves and are familiar with the operating conditions at hydropower plants. This experience makes us a partner of choice for assembly, installation and service work.

Assembly and commissioning

Our project managers and engineers ensure professional and seamless mounting and installation work. It all starts right from the preparation stage and covers the entire project process. It includes manufacturing, factory acceptance, transportation, installation, commissioning and, finally, handover to the operator.


Inspections, maintenance and modifications

Depending on the task, work is performed on-site or the valve is dismounted professionally and sent to the Adams factory using an appropriate transportation method. When we perform inspections, we clean, test (e.g. tear audit, ultrasound test), repair, prepare or replace parts. We discuss and negotiate the scope of repair and preparation work jointly with the customer while taking inventory.

After we complete anti-corrosion and coating work, we assemble the valve together and test its function and seal. After a successful customer acceptance, our technicians re-install the inspected and examined valve on-site and place it back into operation.

Consulting & documentation

We are happy to share our knowledge we have gathered over the course of decades with our customers. Our engineers and project managers are in high demand. This is especially the case for complex projects where our professional preparation constitutes efficient and economical planning and execution of a project.

While we execute a project, we produce drawings, documents, instructions and protocols within the scope of our ISO 9001 quality management system and according to the customer‘s guidelines.
This covers the entire execution time frame and concludes when the system is successfully handed over to the operator.

We produce drawings and sketches according to the most recent 3D CAD standards. This creates an image of the valve planning that is as realistic as possible right in the project phase and also accounts for the requirements of spatial representation.

Service requirements

Our fitters are available for our customers worldwide to provide speedy and reliable support services. You can contact us on the following telephone number +41 81 410 22 22 or via e-mail at