With our long experience in the valve development for high temperature applications, our product range is ideally suited for the geothermal industry. Our valves are easily adjustable to the different types of geothermal power plants, which is why we are able to design tailor-made constructions for the versatile requirements of our customers.

In the power industry, no two plants are the same but all of them have one thing in common – the valves need to cope with extreme temperatures and pressures. The geothermal power generation is ensured by three different types of plants: dry steam power stations, flash steam power stations and binary cycle power stationsIn these plants, special designed valves are indispensable. Due to this reason ADAMS manufactures special designed valves that offer high safety and reliability.


ADAMS Product range

Valves for Geothermal power generation

ADAMS has designed different block and control valves, check valves and combined function valves for the these power plants. These valves are well-proven for decades and are suitable for different operating conditions and areas of application. 

Combined function valves

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Check Valves

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