Sustainable energy generation

The energy generation is becoming more sustainable which gives solar power plants a new meaning. In sun-drenched countries, solar power plants are a promising way of power generation. With the sun being an infinite resource for energy, it is a future-oriented energy source. The valves for these power plants are exposed to extreme operating conditions and need to be designed to reliably and safely control high temperatures and pressures over long distances. 

Nuclear Fossil Solar

Due to our experience in similar areas of applications, we are able to find the ideal solution for these conditions. Our valves withstand temperatures up to 950°C. Our valves are often used in heat transfer oil applications, cooling water and steam systems and steam turbine control and protection.


ADAMS Product range

Valves for solar power generation

ADAMS has designed different block and control valves, combined function valves and check valves for the use in solar power plants, all of them well-proven for decades. Our valves are able to withstand the extreme conditions that appear in the processes of this plant. 

Combined function valves

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Check Valves

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