Oil and Gas

Processes with oil and gas involved require special valve solutions. These processes include extreme temperatures and pressures while the fear of possible corrosion and damages on people and environment is a steady companion. Not every valve can handle these extreme conditions but the ADAMS valves are able to.

Oil and gas hydrogen Refining

Already in the beginning of ADAMS we have developed valves for the oil and gas industry, continuously enhancing them up to today. This has led to a broad product range that deals with temperatures between -196°C and 950°C, valves available in dimensions up to DN4200 / 168” and pressure ratings up to Cl 2500. Our engineers implement special requirements of our customers in their valves, leading to long-lasting solutions. We delivered these valves amongst others to FCC plants, refineries, LNG plants and tank farms.

Reliable handling of LNG at -196°C

Handling LNG requires extreme temperatures of -196°C. ADAMS designs valves capable of this since more than 20 years, during which we have increased our expertise. In 2005, we have installed an additional cryogenic test facility for large-scale valves to offer the most reliable valves.


Valves for Hydrogen

ADAMS delivers valves for hydrogen use already since decades. They are both mounted in petrochemical and industrial applications for numerous customers worldwide. This includes tight shut-off, throttle and control valves, check valves and combined function valves that are still operating reliably in the hydrogen production, storage, transportation and consumption of hydrogen. This proves the longevity and the durability of our valves.


ADAMS Product range
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Tight shut-off, throttle and control valves

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Combined tight shut-off, throttle and check valves

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Check Valves

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