icon-Tight shut-off, throttle and control valves


Constant Evolution

The FCV is a robust valve with low inertia moving parts to withstand very fast closure with complete reliability. The inclined tilting disc design ensures inherent gravity closure, stable operation, low pressure loss, and fast response.

This check valve has continually evolved through many years experience with large steam turbines and compressors. On loss of load, steam turbines risk rapid acceleration due to the stored energy in the feed heating system. Steam flow reversal can occur in less than 0.2 seconds. Compressors have a similar problem when emergency shut down may lead to rapid flow reversal. These occasions cause very high impact forces on check valve closure thus necessitating the special design features of ADAMS FCV valves.

A variety of control sytems

The FCV can be supplied with a variety of control sytems and accessories to suit customer requirements.

Where power assisted closure is specified, this will usually be by a direct acting pneumatic hydraulic or spring-return actuator operating via a pad, avoiding the friction of a shaft seal.
Body and disc are of forged or fabricated steel. The seat and disc tips are hard-faced.
The ADAMS exclusive inclined cone seal system guarantees freedom from jamming, positive shut-off, and long life with low maintenance requirements.

- ultra-fast closing non-return valve
- triple offset design with inclined conical sealing system
- optimum flow opening characteristics
- inherent gravity closure

- low inertia
- all parts designed to tolerate high impact
- fast response
- butt weld ends (body length: ISO F5)

- robust, forged steel construction
- excellent sealing
characteristics at high and low operating pressure
- short closing travel
- absorption of high dynamic forces

- freedom from jamming at seat
- low friction
- no internal screw connections
- field replaceable disc
- minimum maintenance
- reliable operational function for frequent cycle operation

Nominal Diameters:
100 mm / 4 inches to 1200 mm / 48 inches

Temperature Range:
-196°C / -320°F to 950°C / 1742°F

Pressure Class:
PN 16/25/40/64/100/160/250
ANSI 300/600/900/1500/2500

- inspection/mounting port
- internal steam heating
- accessories for remote control
- flanged design

- power assisted closure by direct acting pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical or spring-return actuator