icon-Tight shut-off, throttle and control valves


Multifunction operation

These combination valves developed from RZN and RZI basic types provide multifunction operation as tight shutoff, flow control, and non-return valves in a single, compact unit. They can take the place of shutoff and check valves and fulfill multiple application requirements most economically.

The isolating and control actuator operates through a free travel coupling so that the freeacting hydraulically damped disc can close automatically without slamming, if the pump should fail.

- 3 in 1 combination valve for tight shut-off, control, and non-return function in one compact unit
- resilient seal or laminated metal-to-metal sealing - triple offset design with inclined conical sealing system

- auto-closing
- minimum pressure loss in open position
- GBZ: multirate adjustable hydraulic damping system, located externally and separated from the media
- AZI: multi-rate adjustable interval damping system

- multi-function
- compact design
- minimum pressure loss
- stable operation

- controlled, non-slam closure
- additional screw safety device
- prepared for retro-fitting of counterweights if flow conditions change

Nominal Diameters:
- GBZ: 100 mm / 4 inches to 800 mm / 32 inches
- AZI: 500 mm / 20 inches to 3000 mm / 120 inches

Temperature Range:
-50°C / -58°F to +200°C / +392°F

Pressure Class:
PN 2,5/6/10/16/25/40 ANSI 150/300

- wide choice of actuators and control systems
- disc locking device, mansafe design
- additional counterweight

- vulcanized hard rubber coating
- butt weld ends
- AZI: complete hydraulic unit