icon-Tight shut-off, throttle and control valves


Economical valve.

Compact external dimensions, short face-to-face dimensions at all pressure ratings, and low weight make the OSK an economical valve for pipelines transporting liquids or gases. The streamlined, duo-eccentrically mounted disc, together with the conical sealing system, ensure a smooth-flow passage.

The continuous seal provides tight shut-off and low friction and wear characteristics. The shaft runs in self-lubricated bearings housed outside the flow stream and sealed against the media by O-rings or graphite rings. Rubber-lined carbon steel valves and anti-corrosion materials guarantee low maintenance, versatility, and long service life.

- tight shut-off and throttling with resilient seal
- bi-directional tightness
- fabricated construction
- operation: manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic

- gas-tight shut-off
- compact construction
- low weight

Nominal Diameters:
200 mm / 8 inches to 4200 mm / 168 inches

Temperature Range:
-50°C / -58°F to +150°C / +302°F

Pressure Class:
PN 2,5/6/10/16/25/40/64 ANSI 150/300/400.