Oil and Gas

Oil and gas applications are often critical and as versatile as our valves. Extreme temperatures and pressures as well as the risk of corrosion needs to be considered whenever oil or gas is handled. This is why we have designed our valves to withstand these critical conditions, as failure could lead to damage both on the environment and people.

Refineries FCC process Hydrogen

Our first experience of valves for the oil and gas industry dates back to the early beginnings of ADAMS. Today, the product range operates between -196°C up to 950°C, with dimensions up to DN4200 and pressure ratings up to ANSI1500. Our customers often have special requirements that we are able to implement due to this long lasting experience and know-how. Many of our valves have been in operation for decades in FCC plants, refineries, LNG plants and tank farms.

Special designed valves for hydrogen

Over the last decades, ADAMS triple offset valves were often installed for hydrogen applications, both in petrochemical and industrial applications for many global customers. Our product range includes tight shut-off, throttle and control valves, check valves and as well as the combined tight shut-off valves. Our triple offset valves have been are manufactured for various processes, starting with hydrogen production, storage and transportation up to the consumption of hydrogen in various industries. The ADAMS engineers follow a noncompromising design philosophy of high quality

LNG: switching at –196 °C without problems

For more than 20 years we have developed, produced and tested valves for use at extremely low temperatures. During this time we have continually expanded our expertise and in 2005 we installed an additional cryogenic test facility (7.30 x 26 metres) for large-scale valves.


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