Hydrogen as sustainable energy source

In order to decarbonize the power and petrochemical industries, the utilization of hydrogen produced from renewables such as solar and wind energy will rise exponentially on mid long term. Due to its potential as an energy carrier, the use of green hydrogen will increase significantly in the petrochemical and energy industries, e.g. in refineries and as a feedstock for gas turbines. This generates decarbonized electricity in existing power plants globally. It is ADAMS mission to continue to contribute to these sustainable transitions with proven, safe and reliable triple offset technology. With the help of experienced partners and stakeholders for the production of valves in the energy supply chain, ADAMS design specialists are contributing to international standardization committees defining new international standards for the increased use of it in industry.

Refineries FCC process Hydrogen

Special designed valves for hydrogen

Over the last decades, ADAMS triple offset valves were often installed in these processes, both in petrochemical and industrial applications and for many global customers. This includes all our tight shut-off, throttle and control valves, check valves as well as the combined tight shut-off valves. Our triple offset valves have been manufactured for various processes, starting with the production, storage and transportation up to the consumption of the media in various industries. The ADAMS engineers follow a noncompromising design philosophy of high quality.


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