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Continuity and reliability – worldwide

ADAMS headquarters and main plant are located in Herne, Germany. Distribution, development and production within the company work hand in hand. Rapid decision-making processes are the key to close cooperation for the benefit of our customers – in the typical style of a medium-sized company.

ADAMS Armaturen GmbH has been privately owned by the Adams family since 1960. As a medium-sized company we have established a sound reputation for ourselves among our customers as a reliable partner during this time. Our systematic trainee and further training programme, which we have been promoting for years, ensures that it will remain that way in the future. Thus a number of leading positions are occupied by young people who have nevertheless worked for the company for many years. A third-generation member of the Adams family is also a member of the board of management, thus ensuring continuity.

A great many of our customers show their appreciation of this constancy with their long-term loyalty. A large number of customers have put their trust in our products over several decades. And rightly so – some of our valves have been in operation for over 60 years. For many of our customers it is also important to know that we are still able to supply spare parts for our old valves. That is reliability.

What we provide

We often receive enquiries including exhaustive specifications that clearly define the valve and its design within a certain framework. In these cases we can quickly and precisely supply the valve to suit the desired requirements.

However, just as often we receive enquiries that our wide range of experience enables us to offer solutions for, using various of types of valves that had not previously been thought of. In a number of cases, customers ask us to develop valves together with them for special applications. We are able to provide all of these services because of the great scope we have in both development and production.

Tight shut-off, throttle and control valves

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Combined tight shut-off, throttle and check valves

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Check valves

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Special valves for Hydropower

Stop-/Throttle valves, Spherical valves, Hollow jet valves
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Special valves

Class 2500, big valves, special control valves trim, valves for high temperature, FCC, ehtylene, hydrogen, nuclear,
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