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ADAMSHigh functional reliability under difficult operating conditions is one of the most important requirement for nearly all of our customers. As operating conditions can be highly individual, ADAMS has designed reliable valves. The majority valves are tailor-made to ensure they ideally meet customers needs.

For over 60 years our company’s name has been synonymous with butterfly valves. Since the patenting of the triple eccentric valve we have continued to enhance and improve both these and the double-eccentric valves for numerous sophisticated ranges of application. The design features of the reliable ADAMS valves outstanding performance bined with comparatively low weight This makes the valves particularly efficient.

Tight shut-off valve MAK

The ADAMS range of tight shut-off, throttle and control valves offers utmost reliability as well as extensive adaptability.

ADAMS offers a broad range of high-quality check valves for different applications, in various dimensions and pressure classes.

With our combined function valves, we are able to deliver high-class and space-saving solutions as well as a broad range of features. 

With 50 years of experience in the hydropower application, ADAMS captivates with its special designed solutions that last for decades.

ADAMS has focused on special designed valves for critical applications like Class 2500 valves, high temperature valves, big dimensioned valves, special control valves trim and valves for FCC, ethylene, hydrogen and nuclear.

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Flexibility is our strength

We offer a comprehensive range of tight shut-off, throttle and valves as well as check valves and combinations of both Systems. The constructing of tailor-made solutions to fulfil special customer wishes is part ot our daily business. We often develop the valves together with our customers completely in line with their specific requirements and wishes.

ADAMS reliable valves are manufactured in a wide variety of materials. Both the selection and the combination of materials are based on many years of experience in the use of our valves in a broad range of applications world wide. We also use varying types of sealing system either soft sealing or metallic sealing. Depending on the requirement in addition, our customers have the choice between various seal seats or options such as a seal protector, which is used, for example, when abrasive media are worked with our valves and designed in accordance with international standards.

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