Safety in fractions of a second

The check valve FCV protects large steam turbines and compactors when load shedding with flow reversal in fractions of seconds. It is specially designed, closes automatically and absorbs the occurring high dynamic forces.

Modern high-performance steam turbines are efficient but expensive continuous flow machines, which need to be protected from possible damage. The FCV check valve features high responsiveness and automatic closure through its own weight within a mere 0.3 seconds. This is achieved through low moments of inertia, the short closure distance and the tripleeccentric closure system with obliquely positioned sealing cones. Force-actuated closure is possible with pneumatic, hydraulic or spring-loaded closing drives.

The FCV is equipped with a triple-eccentric shut-off system and is manufactured as a forged model. The seal seat and seal periphery are hard-coated. An inspection opening, an internal steam heating and a drainage connection are available as well as elements for remote transmission. The FCV is also available as a flange model.


  • Robust forged steel construction
  • Outstanding sealing characteristics at both high and low operating pressures
  • Short closing distance
  • Absorbs high dynamic forces
  • No jamming at seat
  • Low internal friction
  • No internal bolted joints
  • Minimal maintenance; also possible on site
  • Absolute operating reliability at high closing frequencies


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