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Check valves or non-return valves protect turbines or other equipment in the pipeline from damage due to back flow, as they allow fluid to flow only in one preferred direction. If the pressure in the pipe drops and the fluids momentum slows down, the check valve begins to close and as the flow direction reverses, the check valve will close completely. Closing times depend on the size and additional options.

The ADAMS range of check valves is probably the most comprehensive and sophisticated product line produced by any manufacturer. Types available range from gravity closing, fast-acting tilting disc valves to ultra fast-closing, power assisted check valves for high pressure, high temperature applications and ultimately to hydraulically damped, combined function check valves for severe pump applications. Our line of check valves range in sizes from DN100 / 4“ to DN3000 / 120“; pressure classes from PN2.5 to PN250 (ANSI 150 to 1500); and temperatures from -196° C / -320° F to +950° C / +1742° F, depending on the type of valve.








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