Special solutions

Since its foundation, ADAMS has thought way further than others. Starting with the first patent in 1960, the ADAMS engineers have continuously researched and developed for high quality solutions for critical applications. This is why, today, we are able to design special valves according to our customers extraordinary requirements. Special valves that last for years and even decades without showing any sign of malfunctions.

We offer tight shut-off, throttle and control valves, check valves and combined function valves with pressure classes up to Cl. 2500, valves that withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -196°C / -302°F up to 950°C / 1,742°F and in dimensions up to more than DN4200.

Due to our experience, we know what is needed for high cycle processes, critical applications like ethylene, hydrogen, nuclear power plants and many more. Many of our valves which we have designed for these purposes are in operation for more than 40 years, proving both the high quality we deliver and the extreme commitment and competence of our employees.

Our special solutions


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