Complete pump protection in sophisticated areas

Our  check valve RZN offers proven pump protection for applications with liquid media. The individually adjustable damping system enables the butterfly valve to perform shock-free checking, even in critical areas.

These butterfly valves feature first-class hydrodynamic characteristics, low pressure losses and the individually adaptable damping system. Their closing characteristics can be optimally adjusted to suit the needs of each system with the help of the damping system. In addition, the check valves RZN can be simply readjusted to adapt to new requirements if changes are made to the system at any point in the future.

Both check valves RZN and RZI are ideally suited for protecting pumps for liquid media. Due to the high flexibility of material and seal, the valves can be used in a wide variety of applications. For example, a seawater model is available in stainless steel and with a hard rubber lining.


  • Complete pump protection
  • Controlled, shock-free closing
  • Low pressure loss
  • Progressive sealing
  • Individually adjustable damping system
  • Automatic mode of action
  • Additional screw retention
  • Subsequent installation of counterweight possible


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