We know how to handle water power

Water is one of the most valuable resources in life, whether it is needed as drinking water, for cleaning or in various processes in the industry. Before the water can be used, it has to pass different processes. Water treatment and distribution are amongst the main processes needed. The conditions in the plants, that realise these processes are as versatile as the processes itself.

The valves mounted in water plants need to work reliably under extreme conditions, to make sure that no water is being wasted. ADAMS designs all of its valves with focus on high quality and reliability to achieve this. The well-proven designs for the water and wastewater industry stand out due to its 100% tightness and zero leakages. This is especially important when it comes to the treatment of wastewater, which may contain chemicals and aggressive media. The valves from ADAMS prevent damage on the environment and provide safety by staying completely shut.

Critical control areas

Our valve type MAK can be used as the standard configuration for regulation – to a certain extent and if it is possible to mount a basic configuration. For extreme applications, e.g., if the regulation is not possible with the basic design, ADAMS has developed a special solution.

For applications with high cavitation, noise development and high-pressure loss, ADAMS offers a special MAK version – the MAKO. It consists of a special inner life and disc design as well as, if necessary, an additional aperture plate located downstream. The special construction is in the position to solve even the most difficult requirements. This special inner geometry is also available for other ADAMS valve types.


ADAMS Product range

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Special valves for Hydro power

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