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State-of-the-art industrial plants often place high demands on the valves used; for example, in many processes the products are subject to extremely high temperatures, high pressures or aggressive media. In view of these facts, the selection of the right valve is crucial for the optimal safeguarding of the plant. With our product search, you will be able to find suitable valve solutions.

ADAMS offers different valves categories including reliable valves with various features and additional options for critical applications. 

Ideal solutions

We continually develop tailor-made designs for our customers. In many cases they consist of minor changes to details of valves, but sometimes designs also need to be developed from scratch.

However, all of our solutions have one thing in common: our customers can be absolutely sure that the finished products are ideally suited to their requirements. Thus the application and product overview on the left simply serves as a guide for possible uses. We will be happy to discuss solutions for further ranges of application individually with you.

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Check valves


Safety when flows reverse

The hallmark of the MAG is an external balancing weight that optimally counterbalances the valve disc. The advantage is that the valve is very responsive and the disc reliably reaches its final closing position.

Check valves


Safety when flows reverse

Our GMZ check valves protect important continuous flow machines from the dangers of backflows. An extremely low degree of internal friction and a finely responsive adjustable counterweight enable the valve to react sensitively.

Check valves


Ideal protection from backflows for steam turbines

Extremely reliable check valves are needed to protect steam and gas turbines from reverse flows. With their reliable, non-jamming closures, our SCV valves are optimally designed to fulfil this important protective function.

Check valves


Safety in fractions of a second

FCV check valves protect large steam turbines and compactors when load shedding with flow reversal in fractions of seconds. The specially designed valve closes automatically and absorbs the occurring high dynamic forces.

Check valves


Long service life

The RZI was developed for the protection of turbines in pipe dimensions over 1,000 millimetres. The damping system has been adapted to suit the greater forces.

Check valves


Complete pump protection in sophisticated areas

Our RZN and RZI check valves offer proven pump protection for applications with liquid media. The closing characteristics of the butterfly valve can be optimally adjusted to suit the needs of each system with the help of the damping system.