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State-of-the-art industrial plants often place high demands on the valves used; for example, in many processes the products are subject to extremely high temperatures, high pressures or aggressive media. In view of these facts, the selection of the right valve is crucial for the optimal safeguarding of the plant. With our product search, you will be able to find suitable valve solutions.

ADAMS offers different valves categories including reliable valves with various features and additional options for critical applications. 

Ideal solutions

We continually develop tailor-made designs for our customers. In many cases they consist of minor changes to details of valves, but sometimes designs also need to be developed from scratch.

However, all of our solutions have one thing in common: our customers can be absolutely sure that the finished products are ideally suited to their requirements. Thus the application and product overview on the left simply serves as a guide for possible uses. We will be happy to discuss solutions for further ranges of application individually with you.

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Special products on hydroelectric plants

Ideally suited for critical situations

Whether at the beginning of the pressure pipe for pipe-rupture protection or when it comes to protecting turbines from overrunning: our stop- and throttle valves are ideally suited for critical situations.

Special products on hydroelectric plants

High efficiency in hydroelectric power plants

Our hollow-jet valves have proved their high efficiency in hydroelectric power plants and irrigation dams. They ensure a regulated and environmentally compatible outlet of water either to the outside or into underwater tanks.

Special products on hydroelectric plants

At high operating pressures

At high operating pressures our spherical valves are recommended for use as safety and check valves. They are either welded or forged in high-quality steel. They close automatically by weight or flow.